Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mine :))

Hello ! Assalamualaikum ! Hi !
   My name is Azimah Abdullah . People usually call me Azie . I have fb , it is TroubleOnes Azie . There's have a lot of my information . This year my age is 14 years old and next year in 2012 my age is 15 . Gosh ! I have to sit for PMR . Wish me luck for the next year k ? Honestly , i bad in Mat ! Haha ! Now , my hobby is reading books such as comics and English books *please don't ask me about mathematics books k ?*,. If i grow up , i want to become stewardess . I have many best friends . But , that's all i want to tell you about me . I do not have to tell you all about my personal information and that's not important for you all right ? Okay , that's all !

Bye <3 !

Truthly from :         Azimah Abdullah

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